Organize and feng shui your kid’s room

Feng Shui Children's Room

I am really a proponent of “a place for everything and everything in its place”. If your children’s things have a home they are less likely to end up all over the house. As an added bonus you’ll save a load of time that might otherwise be spent looking for “lost” objects. These ideas for organizing children’s rooms are space saving, inexpensive and smart.

Organize Art Supplies

An inexpensive plastic shoe organizer that you can hang over the back of a closet door makes for quick storage of arts and craft supplies, action figures, collection items, or just about anything else you want to use it for to keep clutter off of floors and tables.
Source: Hello Little One

Feng Shui Stuffed Animals

Hanging a rope from the ceiling in a corner and clipping stuffed animals to it when they are not in use is genius, especially if you hide it in a corner by the door as done in this picture. It uses up otherwise unusable space and doubles as visually interest art.
Source: The Trendy Treehouse

Organize Toys

Using a wall mounted magnetic cutlery strip made for kitchen knives is a great way to organize toy cars and keep them off the floor when not in use. The bonus is that they look like a constantly changing art installation when they are put up.
Source: The Style Files

Organized Kids Closet

Have a hard time keeping the closet organized? Use great visual cues like those above to remind your child where each item of clothing should go. No, the floor is not an option.
Source: I Heart Organizing

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