Pirate Themed Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Boy's Pirate Rooms

Ahoy mateys! I love themed bedrooms, they are the perfect outlet to let your son show his personality and let his imagination run wild. A pirate theme can be whimsical and playful for the little ones or foreboding and dark for the older set, and I am going to point you in the direction for designing the room you want without hiring someone to do it for you!

  1.   Start with the wall colors to set the stage, consider using dark blues or greys for the older boys, or a playful ocean or sky blue for the younger ones.

  2.   If you’re handy, you might want to put up faux wooden beams on the ceiling to make it feel like you’re in a ship, then paint the walls in neutral brown tones to drive home the feeling.

  3.   If you don’t want the room to be a hassle to change when your tot inevitably decides that ninjas are now cooler than pirates, use neutral but masculine bedding, curtains and rugs. The large and expensive staple pieces don’t all have to have a skull and cross bones on them! Create the theme with accessories instead. It will make changing the theme as easy as taking down pirate posters and putting up ninjas.

  4.   Be fearless. Don’t be afraid to put up a wall mural or change out a light fixture, it is relatively inexpensive and not as hard to remove as you might think!

  5.   Get creative. Fishing net and nautical rope is relatively inexpensive, and you could make anything from a headboard to a wall plaque using either item creatively.

  6.   Make your plan, set a budget, then get the swag!

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( Image Sources: Pottery Barn Kids and Olivia and Will )

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    I always appreciate a great article or piece of writing. Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Tina says:

    I love that bedding in the room that says ASHTON,.. but where is it from? I have been looking everywhere? Thank you

    • Alicia says:

      The bedroom you’re talking about is from Pottery Barn. :) Unfortunately last I looked it was no longer available on their website (if you happen to find it I would love to know!). Good luck in your search!

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