Tons of awesome gift wrap craft ideas for kids

High End Gift Wrap Craft Ideas for Boys

This year, instead of picking up that ultra-expensive designer wrapping paper for Christmas packages, pick up some craft supplies and let the kids personalize the gift wrap. You’ll save a bundle and have some fun while you’re at it. Brown kraft paper, or butcher paper both are inexpensive and usually pretty easy to find, and can be customized with paint, stickers, or just about anything else you can glue on. For small gifts you might event want to print out wrapping paper with a sense of humor that the boys will appreciate (like a hamburger gift wrap further down this page)!

More ideas for paper medium include reusing paper grocery bags and old newspapers, gotta love being ecofriendly!

Below are a ton of great ideas for personalized gift wrap, but the only limit to what you and your little guys can come up with is your imaginations. Painting with dots made by dipping pencil erasers in paint would be a fun activity, so would finger painting freestyle, or painting with bubble wrap! Create your prints with classic rubber stamps, or sponge paint premade stencils for a high end look that the kids can do!

Rubber Band Gift Wrap
Whimsey Box has some pretty awesome ideas for decorating gift wrap with office supplies. Wrapping a box in colorful rubber bands is an easy project for kids, but make sure to check out their other ideas; like decorating with gold star stickers, shiny label stickers, brass brads or letter stencils.

Hamburger Gift Wrap
Rachael Ray Magazine features gift wrap with a sense of humor, all of the pieces together create a hamburger tower of presents!

Anthropologie Pom Pom Gift Wrap
Anthropologie sells this awesome looking wrapping paper for $18 a roll; why not buy some little pom poms and a glue stick and let the kids go to town for the same chic effect?

Christmas Tree Twig Gift Wrap
Fellow Fellow gives detailed instructions for creating this awesomely crafty Christmas wrapping paper. Hint: You are going to need paper, twigs, embroidery thread, something to cut said sticks and glue!

Confetti Gift Wrap
Double sided tape + confetti = winning. This awesome idea comes from 3 at 12.

Martha Stewart DIY Gift Wrapping Crafts
I can never make it through a crafty project round up without finding at least one great idea from the queen herself, Martha Stewart. Well, here are four. Tie-dyed wrapping paper, snowflake garland wrapping paper, woven wrapping paper, and awesome toilet paper rolls dressed up to look like candies for small gifts. All of which come with detailed instructions, of course!

Hand Drawn Gift Wrap
This idea comes from the talented Kim Welling. Her shop is currently closed until after the New Year, but the idea of hand drawing on wrapping paper is pretty awesome!

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