Where the Wild Things Are themed bedroom ideas

Where the Wild Things Are Bedroom

This awesome room idea comes from Pottery Barn Kids, where you can recreate the same lighthearted Where the Wild Things Are themed bedroom in one stop. If you’re working on a budget, however, you can still get the same feel by picking and choosing what pieces you really want, and filling in the rest with thriftier ideas. You’ll notice that several aspects of the room aren’t actually branded material. The moon and stars mobiles would make for a great DIY project if you’re crafty, and any old furniture will do with a bucket of paint and some slipcovers at hand. If you’re really handy with a paint brush you can even paint the murals yourself.

Where the Wild Things Bedroom

They key to recreating this fun boy’s room is to follow the color pallet found inside Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book, and sprinkle liberally with Wild Things. Install floating shelves to create little vignettes and memorable moments with Wild Things themed goodies, and mix in over-sized Wild Things plush dolls with throw pillows to create a charming themed bedscape.

Most of all, remember to have fun!

Lucky Boy's Wild Things Picks

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